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South Asian Mother of one and support worker

Support is needed. Don’t suffer in silence, seek help! …..these are her views.

South Asian Mother of one and support worker.

My experience over my personal and professional life is that within the Asian community mental health is still seen as a difficult situation to talk about. It’s still frowned upon within families and still a huge taboo!

There are so many mental health conditions that all communities are not aware of. Generations are still trying to understand how they can help & support their family as well as themselves.

As Asians we are brought up to respect our elders and not to do no wrong when given advise from them. However, we still fear open communication, because in our community admitting you are experiencing any mental health concerns, it’s shameful and a form of weakness.

 I have worked in charities and within the education sector for so many years. However, over the years’ time and time again there is that continuous battle of cultural pressures/ traditional pressures/ the expected role of a male and a female.  From ladies who are monitored, to men who hide their emotions and conceal them through hidden addictions.

As a generation with increasingly high mental health sufferers. Its important that Asian families do encourage friends, family and loved ones to openly speak about mental health, but most importantly seek support, some may require specialist intervention from mental health support teams.

these can be from;

  • Doctors,
  • Support groups,
  • Therapies,
  • Self-help,
  • And communities / charitable organisations who dedicate their work into mental health and wellbeing.

I urge communities to learn about mental health and it is impacting us and to support each other.  People can be saved if you just talk! I see too many people suffer due to the inability to communicate with one another.

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