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The COVID-19 Crowds aka COV-IDIOTS

COV-IDIOT [noun]                                                                                                        


An inconsiderate person who goes out in crowds despite being told not to numerous times and risks the safety of themselves and others.

Since the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, I feel like I’m living a surreal experience. I keep asking myself “is this real?” It’s as if the world is being held captive in their homes by a virus with new symptoms being uncovered each day. It doesn’t matter how powerful or rich a person is, no one has control over this virus. It just proves that no one has any say against God.

But more than anything, this pandemic is exposing people’s true colours. For example, the people who are walking around in crowds as if nothing serious is going on, just prove that they don’t care about others, or are ignorant. This includes people in all age groups and colours.

Maybe these people are confident that they won’t catch the virus, or think that if they do then nothing bad will happen to them. But they don’t consider that if they were to catch the virus then what about the people that they spread the virus onto? They could pass it on to a vulnerable person, or another carrier. This can lead to the passing away of numerous individuals.

Some of the world’s leaders are begging us to not leave our homes and not go out in crowds as if we were young children. But I don’t even blame them. For some people, their “entertainment” or “rights” are more important than a person’s life.

The other day, when I was watching The Daily Social Distancing show with Trevor Noah, he was saying that some people in the American government were aware of the consequences that this virus was going to have on the world before it turned into a huge deal. But instead of taking action, they decided to protect themselves and sold their stocks so that they wouldn’t lose money. For those people, money was more important than the lives of other human beings.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that is full of narcissistic, ignorant and stubborn individuals. But there are also some good people out there who are coming together and trying to help others.

For those of us who care about the wellbeing of others, let’s stay socially distanced, positive, and pray that this virus goes away soon.

If you can, then donate to a charity of your choice (instead of hoarding toilet paper) to help the less fortunate who are in need more than ever during this crisis.

                                                                                                                        – Desi Girl Thoughts                                                                                                                         @desigirlthoughts

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