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About Sikhforgiveness

We are a not-for-profit organisation, inspiring to change the stigma surrounding Mental Health in Sikh and Punjabi community. With many like minded individuals on this team, SF work alongside other passionate advocates and organisations to change this stigma.

Mental health sufferers lack the constant support from our communities to help with their everyday struggles. Anything can trigger the issues at any time in life. Our mindfulness and support in our communities is vital and a change is required.

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Why it was formed

After facing a tough time in my twenties, where I needed support.  I naturally turned to my faith for help and guidance, unfortunately the help I needed was not available.  As a woman in a difficult position I was helpless and lost searching for answers from a community who would only judge as I was being judged.  I fell severely ill, and all doors were being closed on me even deaths door rejected my calling.

Through my hardship I learned that the stigma remains in the Sikh community, where mental health issues continued to be covered up and seen as an unspoken taboo due to shame or embarrassment in our society.  Not just from break downs, but substance abuse, violence, depression, panic and anxiety attacks.

After attending many courses and becoming a mental health first aider. I have enrolled to train as mental health instructor. I aim to train and educate others within our Sikh/Punjabi and non-Sikh/ Punjabi communities across the country to identify signs of mental health issues.  Many life events are linked to mental health issues which are not addressed or correctly diagnosed.

SF Mini-04

What your donations will achieve?

Raised funds will allow Sikhforgiveness to train mental health first aiders within our communities to ensure help is always on hand. To set up workshops and support groups finding suitable coping techniques and safe environments for mental health sufferers . To ensure that continuous support is available for the people who  live with a mental health conditions, as well as for those around them

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