Sikh Forgiveness mission is to build/educate and communicate a positive understanding of Mental Health by;What we do

Why it was formed 

The team of Sikh Forgiveness have all experienced hardships with Mental Health, from losing a loved one, suffering with depression, or struggling with pressures of life itself.

Sikh Forgiveness was formed from trying to seek help, for those they cared for, however the it soon came to light that the stigma of mental health still remains within the Sikh and BME communities not just in the UK but globally. Due to this stigma, individuals are preventing themselves from seeking support and treatment. The fear of being shamed, judged and talked about heavily impacts their decisions, forcing people to suffer alone. Men  and Woman still feel unable to share their emotions or struggles due to fear of brining dishonour and shame to their families.

Sikh Forgiveness is here to say you are not alone.

We aims to engage all generations to learn more about mental health. To openly discuss their emotions, to seek help and guides available.

To raise awareness and understanding of positive mental wellbeing 

To develop sustainable supports suited to communities tackling to destigmatize mental health.