Our Aims
We aim to work within the Sikh (&BME) community to identify and deal with mental health struggles that they are currently unaware of / less-able to deal with by working with charities, giving training, networking and providing perspective.

Our Objective
Sikh Forgiveness have identified that there are difficulties  that people within our community face that need to be addressed head on.

  • We understand that within the Sikhs (&BME) there is a lack of understanding of mental health difficulties and our aim is to re-educate, break down and connect the language barriers to openly communicate what we all live with which can be poor mental health.
  • We acknowledge that younger Sikhs in the UK may face the complexities of life living between two cultures.
  • We know that mental health issues are seen as taboo subjects and are often not discussed or have previously been viewed as weakness and dismissed
  • And we know that people who live with mental health issues within our communities often feel isolated and alone as a result of the stigmas they face. 

Sikh Forgiveness is here to challenge all of those issues.

What we do
How we aim to achieve our objectives:

  • Engaging with the community face to face.
  • Supporting them through awareness days.
  • Workshops and forums.
  • Talking at Universities and Support groups across the UK.
  • Talking in places of faith across the UK.
  • Using online Social Media platforms to deliver our message to communities that cannot attend our live events.