Kam Kaur

Bio: Kamal Kaur Reehal, Senior Digital Marketing Officer for Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospitals’ Charity. My experience being pregnant with my second child and now on maternity during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Born During the Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s mid-2019 and our family are overjoyed when my husband and I announce we are pregnant with our second … Continue reading Kam Kaur

The COVID-19 Crowds aka COV-IDIOTS

COV-IDIOT [noun]                                                                                                         cove/id/ee/uht An inconsiderate person who goes out in crowds despite being told not to numerous times and risks the safety of themselves and others. Since the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 pandemic took over the world, I feel like I’m living a surreal experience. I keep asking myself “is this real?” It’s as if the … Continue reading The COVID-19 Crowds aka COV-IDIOTS