Beautiful Kaur


 UK 24, government clerk.

My mental health and Body image struggle

I’ve never been a slim girl, but neither did I view myself being slim even as a child. I grew up with my family telling me to lose weight due to not fitting into clothes which were not for my age.

As life went on nothing changed all my friends wore figure hugging clothes and all my family member made jokes of how I was bigger than their daughters and wore lose fitting clothes like the older woman did.

When I use to travel to India, I had shop keepers tell me in their terminology that I needed plus size clothes IE “healthy” because I was a curvy girl. With years of being uncomfortable in my body and struggling to understand my condition I have not appreciated the way, which has affected the way I look at myself.

Then at the age of 23 I was diagnosed with a medical condition which effected my weight, my mood and my hair.  I go to the gym 3x a week and I eat quite healthy, but this never helped my mood as the condition threw my metabolism all over the place. As most of you will know as you get older your body changes which sometimes you cannot control.

I have been told I am beautiful, and my body is one which most would envy, but I do not see this. I have lived with being called

  • A pig
  • Fat (moto)
  • Frumpy
  • Ugly
  • Elephant
  • Heavy
  • Manly

All sorts and this is all because people’s view is that as a female you should be slim and fair skinned, one which I am neither

It’s embedded in so many industries/cultures/and in people’s upbringings that we all should look a certain way. When really it should all be about whether you are healthy and happy. When a child is born this is all we are concerned about if the child is healthy. So as adults we should care about being healthy regardless of what size dress/jeans we can fit in.

Be happy with who you are, we can be the most beautiful looking people in the world, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our own inner struggles and for those who know these people these here’s a few examples

  • Selina Gomez
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Rupi Kaur
  • Bishamber das

All individuals who have had their struggles but whether it’s with their physical or mental health they have had struggles. Just because they are beautiful does not mean they don’t have struggles.

I cannot say that I can look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful but one day I hope I will.

Please be mindful of those around you. Thank you for reading my story.