Beverly Saward – Admin Advisor / Project Coordinator

I have a background in secretarial, administration and project work.

The aims for SF resonate with me, I therefore want to support others to promote good mental health. Mental health is something society does not openly talk about. Over the years, not only have I visually seen the work SF has produced for the community, but also supported the change to make mental health a normal conversation.

I reached out to Sandy following the untimely death of my husband in October 2018.  It was a difficult time that affected my mental health more than I realised as I had to take on tasks that my husband would normally have dealt with, as well as holding down a full-time job.  The shift in my mental health that came with grief took me by surprise and what helped me through the bereavement was talking opening about the way I was feeling.  

Going forward, I will be continuing to support SF, especially during the most unusual circumstances this country, and the whole world is currently experiencing. Many communities have been affected by the loss of a loved one; not being able to see their loved one in hospital, not being able to say goodbye and not able to hold a proper funeral; I feel SF can be that beacon to help those suffering with poor mental health.