Jaz Kaur – Well-being Coordinator

With background in Health Psychology and Nutrition, I have always been interested in how our diet effects our mental health, especially in the South Asian community.

I wanted to help people with their diet, fitness and wellbeing.  In my early university life and the first few years of working life, I suffered from anxiety and depression.  Through self-development and many different types of therapy, I overcame this and found ways to manage and handle my mental health.  This made me feel empowered and strong enough to share my experiences in the hope that this will help others like me.  I feel passionately about mental health and well-being and how these all play a role in our overall health.

SF gave me a platform to share my experiences during the early days of my coaching.   I talked about the times I neglected my body and stopped eating, and I talked about how I became healthy again.  SF gave me a voice.

Over the months, I have taken part in other workshops SF has run in London about mental health.  I have also helped run the Women’s Wellbeing Retreat in March 2020.  SF has inspired me and has made my future goals and ambitions possible. We have lots of other projects to support others in the community.