Param Singh – Men’s Facilitator

I am a full-time recovery coach and have been training and working in the field of recovery for over four years. 

The passion I have for mental health stems from the secretive nature and the damage it causes by keeping it hidden.  The same way any other health condition would not be stigmatised, or the person contracting a condition would not be ostracised, I believe mental health, should be a topic for open conversation and not a source for toxic shame.  

I have also experienced a bout of depression in the past; having to feel like there was something wrong with me, added fuel to the fire of my problem.  I learned that secrets die in light of exposure and the unnecessary guilt along side it. 

Supporting SF came about very naturally for me, and at a time where I was in a position to give something back.  The organisational values of selfless service (seva) and working to break down the stigmas attached with mental health, really sit well with my personal ethos.  Having people on the team that understand from personal experience the difficulties that come with mental health and them wanting to help others in their journey, was the linchpin that sealed my affection for the charity.  What is shared from the heart reaches the heart, and the best listener resides within the hEARt. 

I continue to support SF because the work we do has a positive impact on the lives of the people we encounter.  The ripple effects of the support we provide may go on to reach so far that we never even realise.  In chaos theory’s “butterfly effect”, the flapping of a butterflies wings in London can cause a hurricane in Sydney, and also the help we provide to someone suffering today may go on to start a change that revolutionises our existence in years to come.