Paramjit Kallah – Urdu/Punjabi Podcast Host

A retired housewife and an ex radio presenter. Having run marathons in the past, creating a ladies’ support group was important for me. This space is to socialise, communicate and support positive wellbeing.

I suffered from postnatal depression at the age of 33 so I can understand the impacts of depression. Sikh Forgiveness has given me a platform that was never available for me when I struggled.

I can make a change to spread awareness for mental health in Punjabi.  Through the Urdu/Punjabi podcasts Dr Nighat and I, encourage and provide an understanding to others on an international level for individuals to learn more about their own mental health, others within their family.  I like to host podcasts to raise community awareness on mental health and wellbeing; to motivate people, to encourage them to come out from loneliness to share their experiences and their thoughts.