Ravneet Panesar – Mum’s Project Coordinator

After overcoming post-natal depression and weight gain, I started reidentifying who I am aged 37! This is when I started my journey to challenge diet culture and its continued effect on our mental health.

I work with women in their 20s and 30s trying to figure out ‘who am I’ and helping them undo years of food behaviours that don’t compensate! I promote body positivity and health at every size, coaching women to stick up their middle finger at diets and find their inner gangster. I want women to be empowered for themselves!

The team Sandy has united is diverse, talented and passionate. Each member
inspires me, I learn from them and if needed I know I can turn to them.

Sikh Forgiveness is about forgiving ourselves and each other and giving people without a voice HOPE. Hope to access support, advice and reassurance that you’re not alone. I believe through Seva (selfless service) I can support women tackle the diet culture conditioned within today’s society through my training as a food behaviour coach.