Sandy Kaur – Founder and Director

An accredited Mental Health Instructor with a background in Corporate Finance. Having spent the past two and a half years working within community Mental Health, I have entered rooms, conferences, and councils in many cities across the UK where representation for BAME individuals especially Sikhs was not visible. Through my learning I have garnered that individuals want to be recognized for who they are and not for their mental health label handed to them.

Sikh Forgiveness was established in 2018 as a symbol of HOPE, through hardships of my own. I embarked on a journey to be a pillar to others. Others that don’t have a voice or fear they are not accepted.  To be that helping hand to say someone is listening and that you will get through this.

I currently oversee all the developments and projects for SF which are facilitated by the national project coordinators. As a team we practice open communication, everyone’s vision is to improve mental health and wellbeing amongst the community. We have built a network of students through university talks and established bonds with organisations and individuals locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Forgiveness is a blessing, a healing tool, a gift to humanity and as a sevadaar (volunteer) to humanity, my aim is to help as many as I can. Seva is the biggest drive to our cause.

With education, relatability and hope SF is here for you.