Sukhie Shergill – Dad’s Project Coordinator

A dad of 2 growing young boys, with a love for sports and healthy living.

It was important to voice a man’s/father’s perspective on mental health, especially for my children as they are growing up. Volunteering for Sikh Forgiveness allows me the encourage the open conversation for mental health.  It’s vital that men also share their inhibitions.

My aim is to reach out to our community and my fellow brothers out of their darkness. Above all, to motivate the younger generation of men to be ‘supported’ and ‘supportive’ rather than that age old saying of ‘man up’ being applied to all emotions.

With my personal experiences of my own struggles with poor mental health I am now in a place where I am able to offer my knowledge to support other men with what they are going through. I remember feeling alone during my darkest times and felt either no help or a lack of understanding was available, when I reached out for support within my community.

I believe in Sikh Forgiveness’s ethos around Seva (Self Service). With SF I have been involved in many projects, and find the knowledge within the team, the desire to make things better and above all the way we do it, is honorary.