Sikh Forgiveness is a mental health and wellbeing organisation. Through education, relatability and hope we strive to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health for Sikh & wider BAME community.

We would like you to meet the pillars of Sikh Forgiveness. We are all professionals in our own fields and with our own personal experiences of mental health.

A Mental Health Instructor with a full time position in the Corporate Finance Industry.

Visionary of Sikh Forgiveness, I currently oversee all the developments and projects run by the national project coordinators.

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A psychotherapist and a practitioner psychologist. I have worked across various mental health settings for over a decade.

I work in long-term, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with a strong emphasis on attachment
and trauma.

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A food Behaviour coach – Helping Busy mums develop new food behaviours without the diets, meal plans and restrictions.

Supporting women trying to figure out ‘who am I’ and helping them undo years of food behaviours that don’t compensate! promoting body positivity and health at every size.

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A lifestyle blogger I’ve been very open about my own journey with mental health, from the impacts of my arrange marriage.

I’m a big advocate for seeking professional help So, working with SF was a no brainer and if sharing my journey helps one individual it’s been worth it.

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A Dad of two boys – Grassroots Football Coach, with an IT background.

My aim is to reach out to our community, and help my fellow brothers. To support them out of their darkness. It’s important to voice a man’s/father’s perspective on mental health.

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A retired housewife and an ex radio presenter. I currently run a ladies’ support group , the space is to socialise, communicate and support positive wellbeing.

The Urdu/Punjabi podcasts I host is to reach the wider audience and to get talking about mental health in my mother tongue.

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A Family GP specialising in women’s health, Family Planning and Mental Health.

A medical educator, promotor of organ donation and tackling taboo, stigma subjects in South Asian communities. Passionate about increasing awareness, providing compassion, and understanding of mental well-being.

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A Psychology Graduate and have worked in mental health for over 10 years, working in domestic abuse, self-harm, and suicide.

I have seen the devastating effects these experiences can have on an individual, their family and their community.

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A Health Coach with a background in Health Psychology and Nutrition, I have always been interested in how our diet effects our mental health, especially in the South Asian community.

SF gave me a voice, This made me feel empowered and strong and I wanted to share my experiences, in the hope that this will help others like me.

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A full-time recovery coach and have been training and working in the field of recovery for over four years. 

The passion I have for mental health stems from the secretive nature and the damage it causes by keeping it hidden.

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I started volunteering with Sikh Forgiveness at the beginning of 2019 as I was moved by their events and talks.

Mental health has been a big part of my life and the events that Sikh Forgiveness do have helped me through my journey as well as many other people.

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A Project Coordinator with a background in secretarial, administration and project work. 

The aims for Sikh Forgiveness personally resonate with me, I therefore want to support others to promote good mental health.

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If you want to volunteer your time to our cause, click here!