Their Journeys

With Guru’s Kirpa, individuals have been empowered to share their journeys with Mental Health. They have struggled, but have found hope. This is them sharing with you that recovery is possible and help is out there.

Please be mindful of the journeys below and ensure if you require support see our signpost page. The journey’s do contain some emotive subjects.

Thank you

Keyur Patel - Lived experience and Survivor, the 5 emotions fight. Read his Journey
Aaron Singh - Sikh, 25 and living with Psychosis.
Tegh Singh - Father to a beautiful little girl, Passionate home grower of fruit and veggies. Who lives for the connection to the earth, family and Sikhi. Read about his Pyramid effect to self help.
Beautiful Kaur - She is 24, government clerk. Readher struggles with body image and mental health impacts
South Asian Mother of one and support worker - Support is needed. Don't suffer in silence, seek help! .....these are her views.
New Singh - He is 42 years old, and a survivor from domestic abuse......this is his story.
Indy Kaur - She is a 40 year old that lives with Bipolar..........this is her story
Manat Kaur - She is a 42 year old women, who wants to share what led to her mental breakdown.....this is her story
Sartaj Singh - He is 33 years old and is no longer afraid to share his 24 years of hiding from his poor mental health....this is his story